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If you are not familiar with Slow Food, it aims to preserve local cuisine, and farming, communal meals, and traditional food preparation methods. (It all started with the first McDonald’s in Rome almost 40 years ago)

Since then the Slow Movement started, with all its focus on connection, deeper relationship instead of shallow contact. The same mindset we apply to Slow Travel, connection to local people and culture.

The best way to achieve it is to stay longer on the places you travel,  there is no standard to follow, it can be one week or 5 months, as long as you try to connect with the local activities more than having a selfie to remember.

Here we share our resources to help you achieve the Slow Travel mindset and skills. We will post strategies for traveling,  ways of having an income while traveling, red tape information, and many more. While going through our information, if you have questions to ask about the subject or something we haven’t touched yet, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

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On the purpose of travel: how to be more responsible

Everyone has a purpose to travel, we love to travel but we were not so mindful when we started   Mankind started with a full-time nomadic lifestyle, then realized agriculture was needed to sustain the population growth and humans became sedentary. Nevertheless, traveling never ceased to exist, maybe the purpose of travel changed, but travel in itself didn’t. Ironically, we

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Carry on only travel guide for SE Asia & packing list

How to plan for carry on only travel in SE Asia for short trips Carry on only travel is our new obsession. We first tried it on a trip to Malaysia and now that’s how we want to travel from now on! For slow travelers like us, it offers a lot of freedom and we want to share with you

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steripen freedom best comparision

Best travel water purifier/filter – Steripen Freedom

Steripen freedom – freedom of mind for drinking water with the best portable water purifier available   We have been using Steripen Freedom (renamed Pure+) for years now, and after meeting so many people traveling with different options we believe this is the best water purifier you should buy to guarantee safe water to drink. Water is considered by many experts

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be healthy

For us, Slow Travel has to have a purpose, a reason bigger than just sightseeing or doing some exotic activity. We see travel as a tool, a way to grow and develop as an individual, to explore our limits and obtain new knowledge. Travel is Education on the World University

When you are surrounded by water but never sure if drinkable

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