How to find the best places to work: Co-working or Cafes
wii near me places to work online cafe

The resources we use to find cafes with wifi good to work near us

You move to a new a new city, now you need a comfy place, with good food, has a decent internet connection, and to make it top notch also has power plugs everywhere, you say to your mirror: “magic mirror, where can I find a wifi cafe near me that is amazing to work?

Some of you may try to find blog posts about that, and in the big digital nomad cities that could work. 

You still need to find the ones closer to you, which can only be achieved by a location based app. 

Google maps has a lot of information but has no curation enough for our digital work needs, so we need something else. 

The biggest database of cafes with good wifi to work (web version)

In 2013 the amazing website Workfrom was founded and the digital nomad community was never the same. 

Using a Yelp like system and with thousands of inputs from its users it boasts a list of 90 thousands options.

You can look or wifi, amenities, food and even the quality of the seating which as you know its of paramount importance for long time work.  

Also worth to mention is a more recent progressive web application that tries to make the search for good internet very fast, it’s called workmode

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The best app to find good places to work on the spot (iPhone)

In 2015 a new app was born, and the experience to find a the best spots to work in any city got even better. 

WHA or Work Hard Anywhere is a super intuitive app that quickly guides you to the best location to work close to you. 

You can see all important amenities from internet speed to park for your vehicle in case you drive one. 

We use the app all the time, as I like to feed it also with updated information. One great piece of information is the  access to wifi passwords from the place you choose.  

As an alternative, also or Iphone is Cafe Wifi.

How to find the best co-working spaces around you

If cafes are not enough for you, or if you like us want to mix your work time with some extra networking and events then finding co-workings spaces is the solution. 

Another reason why we need to use co-working spaces too is the need to have a quite environment to teach our English classes. Most spaces have skype rooms which are perfect for the classes. 

And for that the resources are plenty. Databases for co-working and even an unlimited pass that you can use freely in dozens of different countries. 

If you are considering becoming a Digital Entrepreneur check out the Startup Blink website.

  • Co Pass

    The unlimited pass that gives you access to co-working spaces around the world

  • Co-Worker

    One of the most complete databases, with reviews, photos, prices and a lot of useful information

  • Shareadesk

    Smaller database than co-worker

  • Desks near me

    Same as sharedesk, with more options in smaller cities

  • Startup Blink

    Database with more than co-working spaces, here you can also find startup and accelerators locations

  • Coworking Map

    Website more focused on location than on information about the places

  • Coworking Coffee

    Same as coworking map

To complete this already extensive list we share to other resources.

If you want to find donation based co-working places to work try Hoffice

If you need to stay in hotels during your travels and you need good internet then Hotel Wifi Test is for you.  

Check out our tips to find work online and other resources in our working nomads page.

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