Best guide to the real seasonal jobs (adventure, summer and winter)
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Seasonal jobs are the best option for saving money fast

You want to start to travel and have no savings? You want want to start a project and need more funds? Seasonal jobs is the solution. 

Some call it summer jobs or winter jobs depending of the season you are going. 

But saving thousands of dollars in some months is not a small achievement and can kill two broccolis with one stone: travel and money.

They hardly require any skills, and unless you want to go abroad then the paperwork is very straightforward. 

A lot of people work seasonal jobs in the summer or winter so they can travel the world in the off-season. The beauty of it is that even during working time you can be in a paradise location

In the broad sense they are any position that is created or a limit period of time, normally during a season and that potentially repeats every year.

Many jobs enter this category, even a department store job, but what we are talking about here are the adventure or to some extent exciting seasonal jobs, that are pretty much related to tourism.

The reason why thy are adventurous or exciting is because they follow the tourist path, and they know well how to enjoy themselves. 

This is a great advantage of this kind of work, there is literally always something for your type of skills, and if you don’t have one that suits then there is a lot of unskilled word too.

It can go from scuba dive guide, waitress, horse wrangler, all the way to maintenance and housekeeping.

There are jobs for all kind of profiles too, fresh graduates, experienced people and even retirees that bring all their experience to the job. 


The benefits of doing seasonal work

Money – this is obvious, seasonal jobs are very well paid and you will not have much time to spend it so your savings at the end will be amazing

Travel –  yes, you will travel to make money, you will be in a new reality, new culture and with lots of experienced travellers, it can’t get better than this

Great destination – it’s not that you will have much time or option to do a lot of the great stuff you are working on, but if you work in the Cayman Islands like we did, you can live on the beach, if you work on a ski resort you can ski on days off

Networking – Maybe you didn’t think of this jobs as a networking opportunity, but you would be surprised on the amount of special people you will meet doing this. You will learn about business and traveling opportunities you never heard, and that can easily change your life forever. Stories of this cases are endless

Work experience – you never know were you career my lead you, you may become a food and beverage manager at a great hotel chain after many years doing seasonal work as a bartender. You will be working and no matter what kind of job, you will be learning and improving

Self-development – The famous soft skills, you move to an exotic location, you deal with a new culture, you suffer culture shock and many disappointments. You learn how to deal with all of that and more and in the end you are simply a better person. One season out is worth years in, think about that math for a second


Best resources to find holiday jobs

  • Coolworks

    Whether you enjoy sand beneath your toes, the smell of pine in the air, or snowflakes on your eyelashes, we’ve gathered jobs from great places across the globe. We hope these categories will make your job search easier and show you some possibilities that you might not have otherwise considered.

  • Seasonal Jobs focuses on seasonal jobs and temporary employment with camps, amusement parks, resorts, national parks, hotels, environmental organizations and more.

  • Indeed

    Not specialised in seasonal work but with a database so big that you can easily find those opportunities

The most frequent and better paid seasonal work

Teach English – this option is still very well paid, especially in Asia, but we also found easy work in Brazil

Hospitality – we had a blast working in the Cayman Islands, living on the most pristine beach we have seen and scuba diving every week. All of that making +3k a month

Resorts in Europe – specially the winter season these kind of jobs are very well paid, we did not try it because we prefer to follow the sun 

Cruise Ships – we almost got a job with the royal Caribbean, and we’ve met people that did it and manage to save a lot of money. Lie is not that easy because you are stuck on the ship for months, but if the money is good then why not

Our experience with seasonal work

We cannot say this is an easy life because we would be lying. Most of the time means long working hours of unglamorous tasks. 

But what kept us going, was the good pay, and the assurance it was temporary. You live in a countdown with a wonderful ending where you can just travel for months if you desire.

Or more wisely (or not) to invest on something you were already planning before. 

We had our share of travel work and we don’t regret, it made us stronger, and we had rich experiences we remember with a pleasure memory. We would do it all again. 

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This was our "private" white sand beach, in front of our house for almost 2 years

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