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Humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins to not just tolerate but to take a special delight in differences in ideas and lifeforms.

10 Thousand years ago our society stopped being Nomadic to have a giant evolution leap. Agriculture  allowed humans to settle, create cities, optimize processes and resources, resulting in a booming population growth with fast social and technologic development. 

Today, we are socially stagnant and our technology development may add fuel to fire if we don’t learn quickly how to live together on this planet. Luckily the age of Information is upon us and Internet has allowed us to move back into Nomadic life. 

Nomadism 2.0 will allow our society another evolution leap by bringing us together and bridging our differences. The numbers are clear, millions of nomads and almost a billion remote workers ready to become nomadic too. 

The New Nomads have no home, they are the real Citizens of the World, they see the planet as a borderless community. They see we have only one planet and we are only one race and the solutions have to be global. 

Today it is easier than ever to become Nomadic, but unfortunately our institutions are not ready for this new society. It is still a challenge to start a nomadic journey and even worse to maintain it . This guide is here to help you catch the train and to stay in it. 

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When you are surrounded by water but never sure if drinkable


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Bali was such an inspiring experience their traditions and beliefs are so intense! At this temple people go constantly to get purified by the holy water and people need to dress accordingly with the colorful sarongs! 🙂 . . . . #nofootprintnomads #bali #indonesia #hinduism #holywater #nomadlife #traveltobali #viajantedomes #sarongbatik #saronglife #slowtravel #nomadism #responsibletravel
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This is quintessential Bali!!! The land of the Instagramic food! Specially the amazing fruit bowls!! Its easy to find fruit everywhere in small groceries not as easy to find vegetables unfortunately! So fruit bowls is like staple food! Delicious but caloric at the same time! #food #simplefood #slowfood #vegan #healthy #health #foodporn #foodie #delicious #yummy #recipes #instagood #healthyfood #fitness #fitfam #veganfood #nutrition #welness #vegetarian #feedfeed #dairyfree #foodbar #foodadd