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You have probably heard about Zero Waste already, where people try to transform their houses to create a more environment friendly lifestyle.  If you are concerned with all the news about the impact we as humans have in our planet then Zero Waste lifestyle should be something in your radar.

While at our own house we can quickly imagine changes that would benefit the environment, the challenge starts when the travels begin. On the road, the lack of comfort and time to do most of the things and changes discussed within the Zero Waste lifestyle are not as easy to implement. Nonethless, this approach is even more important to travelers because our footprint can be significantly higher due to transportation. 

That’s where No Footprint Nomads come to the rescue,  we have been traveling for 8 years now, slowly traveling and living in many diferent countries and trying to integrate low carbon foorptint best practices. We will talk about Zero Waste as a whole but with some focus on traveling challenges. 

Let your Zero Waste journey begin even if you are on the road!!! 

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art of travel purpose

On the purpose of travel: how to be more responsible

Everyone has a purpose to travel, we love to travel but we were not so mindful when we started   Mankind started with a full-time nomadic lifestyle, then realized agriculture was needed to sustain the population growth and humans became sedentary. Nevertheless, traveling never ceased to exist, maybe the purpose of travel changed, but travel in itself didn’t. Ironically, we

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steripen freedom best comparision

Best travel water purifier/filter – Steripen Freedom

Steripen freedom – freedom of mind for drinking water with the best portable water purifier available   We have been using Steripen Freedom (renamed Pure+) for years now, and after meeting so many people traveling with different options we believe this is the best water purifier you should buy to guarantee safe water to drink. Water is considered by many experts

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slow travel
leave no footprint
be healthy

No footprint is a mindset, is an approach you have to your daily life. All the small choices you do during your day: the food you eat, the transportation you use, the products you buy, are all interconnected and come to a cost. When travelling the challenge is even higher, but for every problem there is a solution and we will find it together

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