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If you, like us strive to have the healthiest life you know how to, and are always interested to know more then you are in the right place. Here we will share all we know, and do, and will invite others to do the same and share with the community. 

We are nomads, we love to travel. And just like being zero waste is harder when you are in the road, the same goes with your health because you are out of your comfort zone. We have been experimenting with many ways of trying to stay healthy on the road but most of them are useful even if you are at home. 

Doing exercise, eating well, meditation, self-discipline, spiritual exploration, all of that contribute to your overall health and we will talk about them all. Join the Health revolution. 


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How to make a difference with your natural beauty products

The Footprint on our skin with natural beauty products   Every day we look in that bathroom mirror, morning as night, and in it, we see an ever-changing face. A face that travels through time together with us, experiencing the same things as we do. Of course, this leaves its marks and some of them we like and some of

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steripen freedom best comparision

Best travel water purifier/filter – Steripen Freedom

Steripen freedom – freedom of mind for drinking water with the best portable water purifier available   We have been using Steripen Freedom (renamed Pure+) for years now, and after meeting so many people traveling with different options we believe this is the best water purifier you should buy to guarantee safe water to drink. Water is considered by many experts

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slow travel
leave no footprint
be healthy

Being Healthy will affect everything you will do in your life, and the only reason everybody does not see this so clearly is because a lot of people were never as healthy as they could be. You need to be able to compare between states, and once you move on into the whole health, and become fully aware of physical, mental and spiritual improvement you will never ever want to come back. Happiness is the consequence of being in whole health.

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