About us

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were able to travel without a return ticket?

We have been doing it for almost a decade and we want to show you how. 

But if you think traveling is only about the number of stamps you collect on your passport or how dusty your backpack is, you are not seeing the big picture. We are going to show you that there is more to travel than meets the eye. To us, it entails not only the cultural exchange and the thrill of adventure but also caring about the footprint you leave in the wonderful places you visit. Reducing the environmental and cultural impacts are concerns we have when we travel or decide to spend some time in a place.

We think of ourselves as slow travelers. By embracing the Slow Travel movement, we experience a deeper connection with the local culture and its unique lifestyle, while respecting the people and the environment and allowing more space for real personal development.

Traveling long-term is also about being sustainable, which means balancing your finances, building and maintaining relationships, caring for your health, planning for the future and protecting Earth’s precious natural resources. We have been developing and trying different ways to keep our travels sustainable and we want you to benefit from it too.

This website is for you if:

–  you want to jump-start the nomadic lifestyle but don’t know where to start

–  you are already a traveler but still struggle with maintaining balance

–  you care about the impact you leave on this planet

–  you want to experience meaningful Slow Travel

–  you want to be inspired and want to share your experiences on living and traveling sustainably

You've come to the right place

Here, you can find honest and trustworthy information on how to slow travel, live a sustainable lifestyle and how to keep yourself healthy. We are here to inspire and to help you achieve a more mindful way of living and traveling.

We know it can be challenging sometimes, there are so many things to think about and so much to decide when you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. But, as you will find out by following our (mis)adventures, it’s all about keeping positive and being creative. And trying several times until you find what is best for you.

You can start now by reading our blog posts and by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, with the most important and fresh info to help you keep on track.

We want to see you as an active part of this community of mindful travelers!

How Slow Travel Changed our lives

The need to save money for the next leg of the trip made us spend some time in countries like Brazil and Nicaragua, finding local jobs and volunteering for local NGOs. This time was crucial to make us become aware of a different way of living: a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle. We became vegetarians shortly after visiting a permaculture project in Nicaragua and we embraced the minimalist lifestyle approach, in an attempt to simplify our lives and to minimize our ecological footprint.

Nowadays, we prefer to Slow Travel, rather than aiming at running across the globe in 180 days. We have embraced traveling as a lifestyle, something we didn’t think was achievable. Yes, we want to see the world, but we have plenty of time to do it, and why not soak in as much as you can of the experience and then decide where you want to make it your home? To make this possible, we became digital nomads, working remotely and setting up our base in Thailand.

Our journey has taught us that we have the power to change the world with the choices we make every day. From what you eat, to how you travel and how you consume. We want to inspire you to make this change, to become a more mindful traveler and to be able to do it the long-term.

Join us and be part of this growing movement of mindful people!



Between pots and pans, spices and herbs, Sara loves to spend time preparing delicious and nutritious food and inviting friends for a vegetarian dinner. With a background in Pharmacy, but also a love for natural healing, she tries to find optimal health through natural solutions. She tries to reduce her footprint by going zero-waste in her daily routine.



As a Trekkie, João always aimed for the stars but he also has his eyes and hands on the ground, trying to apply permaculture to our vegetable garden. As an industrial engineer, he knows the importance of logistics and planning for success and he has been applying his knowledge to make our travels more sustainable.