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We all love to travel. Many of us want to live a nomadic lifestyle.  We have been on the road since 2010 and, if you are not traveling full time yet, then we are here to help. Check our Nomadism content to get you started. 

Unfortunately, traveling has a tremendous impact on our environment, especially when we fly. But, not just flying: the hotels we stay at, the products we buy, the activities we do, all can have negative social and environmental consequences. 

We are here to help you mitigate your impact while on the road. We have been promoting eco traveling for many years and we share everything we know with you, so you can continue traveling with a lower footprint. Start on our Zero Waste Travel section. 

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We are Joao and Sara, a Portuguese couple traveling since 2010 and with no intentions of stopping. So far, we’ve lived in seven countries: the UK, Cayman Islands, Nicaragua, Brazil, Portugal, Thailand and Vietnam and we’ll soon start our African discovery.

We’ve gone through many transformations since we started traveling, with volunteering experiences in Nicaragua, bartending in the Cayman Islands, Permaculture immersions, yoga retreats and many more. We even became vegetarians in Brazil, world’s beef capital!

We see no end to this road and one doesn’t need a famous quote to realise that humans learn throughout their lives and travel has the marvellous effect of speeding up this process. The travels continue and so does our evolution, and we want to share our experience to inspire you.

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